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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a skill pack?

A skill pack consists of a group of individual movement, fitness or sport skills grouped together under a specific category. Some examples of skill packs include fitness test technique, basic locomotor skills, barbell basics and football fundamentals. The educational content for each individual skill includes an interactive augmented reality skill demonstration, a 3D skill comparison model and a series of technique assessment questions. The number of individuals skills contained in a pack varies between 5 to 15 skills.  

Recommended individual account options for schools depending on device access:

For teachers who have access to 1-5 iPads and are using Skill Lab with a single class of students, we recommend the Individual Pro account. For physical education specialists or schools that have an iPad cart that stays in the gym to be used by all students, we recommend the individual All-star account. With the individual basic account, students can always access their individual videos and assessment information from any device. If they wish to access skill packs from their device at home, they can be purchased in the app.

What is included in your support options and training webinar?

We offer free online tutorial videos and implementations resources for all users. These can be found at Our additional basic support provides call support for technical product issues only. With premium support, you will be provided with a dedicated account representative to help with any challenges you face while using our apps. School and League account purchasers may book one 60-minute training webinar per year. During this webinar, we will teach all webinar attendees how to properly use and implement our mobile apps.    

What devices support Skill Lab and AQ Coach?

Skill Lab works best on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) 2017 or newer. This includes iPhone 6S and up, iPad 2017 and all iPad Pro versions. Skill Lab will work on older iOS devices; however, users will be unable to access the augmented reality skill demonstration feature. AQ Coach works on both iOS and Android devices. 

What is included in your on-boarding process?

During your on-boarding, one of our customer success representatives will work with the account purchaser to complete the on-boarding checklist. This will ensure the app has been properly installed on all devices, user accounts have been set-up properly, you have the most appropriate plan for your school or league, you have been provided with all appropriate communications material and your training webinar has been scheduled. 

What type of credit cards and currencies do you accept?

All individual Skill Lab accounts are purchased within the Apple App Store. The App Store supports payment through all major credit card providers and supports currency from over 155 different countries. School and Leagues accounts are purchased online through Stripe, our third-party online payment provider. Stripe accepts payment through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit and debit cards in 135 different currencies. 

Do you support other forms of payment besides credit card?

For School and League account purchases in Canada or the United States, we also accept payment through direct deposit or cheque. If you would like to use this form of payment, please contact

Do you have pricing options for school districts of very large sports associations?

Yes we offer special pricing options for districts or associations wanting to use our apps in more than 50 schools or leagues. If you are wanting to implement Skill Lab or AQ Coach at the scale, please contact

Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription purchase?

As we offer a free version of Skill Lab for all individual accounts, we do not offer a refund on any in-app purchases. School and League accounts may be canceled within 30 days to receive a full refund. 

Have more questions about our pricing options?

We are happy to discuss how we can find the best pricing option for you.