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Create learning resources that will help set your organization apart from the competition. 

What Our Content Partners Get: 

Educational Content

Consult with our team to create your skill package of 10 movement skills that will be publicly available through the Skill Lab App.

Brand Recognition

Customize the look of your 3D character who will be demonstrating your movement skills. Add your own logo, colours and more.  

Content Analytics

Gain insights on how users are engaging with your content. This will help ensure the content we create achieves your business goals.

How It Works

Step 1: Design Your Skill Pack Content

Choose the 10 movement skills you would like to teach within your skill pack. Once you have selected your skills, we will work with you to come up with an appropriate coaching cue progression and assessment questions. 

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Step 2: Custom Brand Your 3D Character

Send us your logo assets and desired character colours so we can create a 3D skill technique model that best represents your organization and brand. More extensive character customization is be available for additional fees.

Step 3: Schedule a Motion Capture Session

Select the athlete(s) you would like to have demonstrate proper technique for the skill animations in your pack. Schedule a session in the motion capture lab so we can collect the movement demonstrations that will be used to complete your skill pack. 

Partnering With Athlete Era Can Help Your Organization: 

Provide Engaging and Effective Educational Resources 

Help grow your sport by providing all of your members with access to a quality teaching resource that will help them develop the fundamentals of your sport. 

Be Associated With Supporting Physical Literacy Development

Developing a physically literate population helps ensure all citizens have the skills and confidence necessary to engage in regular physical activity for life.

Engage With New Audiences in a Meaningful Way 

Gaining exposure to the diverse Skill Lab user base through providing educational experiences is a more valuable way to connect with your audience than traditional digital advertising.

Ready to bring your content into the digital era? 

Contact today to get the ball rolling.